• Each packaging box is a unique artwork for us
    Customized various high-end packaging boxes
    Each packaging box is a unique artwork for us
    Main products: skin care products packaging, lipstick packaging, perfume packaging, toy packaging, gift packaging,Jewelry packaging, flower packaging, alcohol packaging, clothing/shoe packaging, electronic product packaging, Food packaging, tea packaging

Product center

Zhuoxiancheng Packaging is a one-stop high-end packaging design and production service provider that integrates design, production, and sampling. With a professional design team, high-quality production, flexible service models, and environmental protection concepts, we provide customized solutions for every customer. We firmly believe that through our efforts, we can help your product achieve greater success in the market.

  • Gift box
    Gift box
  • Customized gift box
    Customized gift box
  • Paper bag packaging
    Paper bag packaging
  • Jewelry Collection
    Jewelry Collection
  • Jewelry gift box
    Jewelry gift box
  • High end gift box
    High end gift box
  • Gift box
    Gift box
  • Paper bag packaging
    Paper bag packaging
  • <p>Mechanize</p>


    The high degree of mechanization in the production line ensures product quality,
    Shortened production time and reduced production costs.

  • <p>Mechanize</p>


    We have obtained certifications such as FCS, BSCI, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO4001, etc

  • <p>Printing equipment</p>

    Printing equipment

    All printing machines are imported from Germany under the Heidelberg brand.

  • <p>Material</p>


    The raw materials we purchase are all environmentally friendly materials from major industry brands, which have passed CE, ROSH, EN71 and other tests.

New product launch

Here are some of our latest developments. They cover multiple fields such as jewelry, beauty, clothing, watches, food, etc., aiming to bring better sales to customers' products, highlight product texture, and brand tone. If you are interested in any product, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will be happy to serve you. Let's work together to create a better future.

  • Love for Husband
    Love for Husband
    The love for my husband is like the sunshine of spring, warm and bright, illuminating our lives and also illuminating my husband's world, bringing them immense strength and courage
  • Surprise for Wife
    Surprise for Wife
    In every corner of life, love is like a seed that requires careful care in order to thrive
  • A gift for my daughter
    A gift for my daughter
    When you pass on your love to her, you are painting the most beautiful colors of her life. This gift is priceless, it is more precious than any gold or silver jewelry. So, please cherish this gift and love your daughter with all your heart.
  • Filial piety for elders
    Filial piety for elders
    Gratitude is a virtue, and filial piety, regardless of size, expresses our concern for our elders through practical actions. Let each of us treat our elders with a grateful heart! This way, our family will be more harmonious and happy!
  • Blessings for friends
    Blessings for friends
    Your blessings are like blooming flowers in spring, warm and beautiful, like the spring breeze, warming a person's heart and giving them the courage and determination to overcome everything
  • Gifts for oneself
    Gifts for oneself
    In this busy world, we often give to others but forget to give ourselves some care. We are not just machines for work, but also people with emotions, dreams, and pursuits. Therefore, why not give ourselves a gift

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