Introduction to 3 d packaging production development trend


Any goods in our daily life is inseparable from the packaging, because the packing box can not only packaged goods, at the same time it also can be used as a media to make advertising for merchant's products, and with the development of The Times change, the art of making stereo box elements is also in constant change, and for making the change process of box, Today we will elaborate on some of the development trends of three-dimensional packaging box production in the future, we will come to the opinion.

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We think that the development trend of three-dimensional packaging box production in the future mainly has the following aspects:

First, sustainability

The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, people have been committed to the study of new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. Innovations in packaging materials include: molded pulp packaging materials for heat insulation, shock resistance, impact resistance and perishable; In the design to reduce the late material is not easy to decompose for packaging, try to use light weight, small volume, easy crushing or flattening, easy to separate materials.

Second, security

A pharmaceutical packaging box named "Faller" developed by a company is opened through the die tangent line on the packaging box. Opening the carton requires a certain amount of strength. Such opening mode is easy for adults, but it is very difficult for children, so as to effectively avoid the situation of children opening by mistake and eating by mistake. Because this kind of packaging box once opened, it is difficult to restore, so it plays a role of anti-theft to a certain extent, really achieve a set of protection and anti-theft in one.

Analysis of the development trend of three-dimensional packaging box production!

Third, personalized

Personalized packaging design is a kind of extensive and influential design method, whether it is to the corporate image, the product itself or the social effect have great relevance and influence. The shaping and expression of packaging image develop to natural and lively humanized and organic modeling, endue packaging with personality quality and unique style to attract consumers. Packaging box design must be systematic thinking, analysis of the actual situation from different angles and positions, in order to establish, clear all kinds of factors should be considered.

Fourth, anti-counterfeiting labeling

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the general packaging anti-counterfeiting technology has no effect on counterfeiters. Strengthening the visual effect of packaging box design and strengthening the packaging printing industry technology has become a powerful weapon in the anti-counterfeiting action. The innovative method of packaging design and the strong combination of high-tech printing industry technology, the pursuit of incisions and unique originality and unique visual effect is another direction of sustainable development of packaging industry in the future.

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