How to Create Custom Packaging?


Custom packaging offers the perfect opportunity to build a unique presence and stand apart from the competition. By customizing your boxing, you can enhance the credibility of your brand and provide an enjoyable unboxing experience. Having attractive packaging and reflecting your brand story helps create a distinct position in the market, separating your product from the noise and allowing you to sell more.

If you want to give your customers a memorable experience and build recall value, custom packaging is the key.

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The packaging of your product is just as important as the product itself. And the good news is custom packaging doesn’t have to be complex.

In simple terms, custom packaging is tailor-made boxing , flexible pouches, and more for your product that perfectly aligns with your brand. 

Let’s dig into the need for custom packaging, what to include, and how you can begin the creation process right away.

1. Select your custom packaging style

Before you move on to the designing phase, you need to pick the custom packaging style for your product. To decide that, take your packaging needs into account by answering these questions:  

1.What channels will you be selling your products through?

2.What products are you packaging?

3.What values do you want to communicate?

After creating an outline on the type of packaging you want to create, it’s time to pick your boxing style.

Zeal-X provides any box shape you want:folding box,book shaped box,drawer box,mailer box,2 pieces box,paper box,etc.

2. Choose the size of your packaging

Based on the product and internal elements you plan on adding to your packaging box, pick the box size.

If you are not sure about the packaging size you want, you can send us your product size and requirements, and we will provide you with professional advice.


3. Design your packaging 

Once your packaging style and fit are decided, you can begin with the most exciting part of the process—designing.  

Focus on what makes you different

Every brand has a different story, unique experiences and firm beliefs, which should reflect in your product packaging. If there’s one place you can go all-in and elevate your product’s impression, it’s here.

Customize your packaging to suit your brand’s needs

Part of why custom packaging is so popular with brands today is because of the flexibility it offers in customizations. Unlike ready-made boxes, you can create and design these based on your brand’s needs.

Top tip: don’t forget the inside of your packaging! 

Make Your Custom Packaging Shine

Packaging is not just the external covering of your product—it’s the true essence of your brand in the mail & online, the first customer touchpoint and also the basis of your relationship with them.

Contact Zeal-X now, and create on-brand packaging your customers will love.

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