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At Zeal-x packaging box manufacturer, design can be changed as per clients' requirements, the quality is consistent.We offer a full spectrum of packaging boxes solutions from custom gift boxes, paper boxes, and cardboard boxes.Custom is the name of our advantages, and each product can be fully personalized with many custom rigid boxes materials to choose from.We also provide one-stop service from designing, printing,handicraft processing, packing,to logistics service!


We can provide a variety of production process options. We adopt Heidelberg 7+1 UV machines,Heidelberg 6 color machines,Heidelberg 4 color machines, high-speed laminating machines, high-speed paper mounting machines, automatic beer-stamp machines, fully automatic window sticking machines,automatic gluing machines and automatic quality inspection machines etc.

Zeal-X | The Production Process Of Packaging Boxes

1.Make Sample:
We will make samples for your confirmation according to your requirements and design documents.
We use Heidelberg printing machines to print the design documents on paper. 14,000 sheets of paper are printed per hour.
3.Paper Cutting:
The paper cutting machine is used to handle the paper cutting demand after printing.
4.Automatic Shell Positioning Machine:
Machine automatic positioning cardboard will be more accurate, fast and efficient.
5:Assembly packaging
The machine automatically assembles the cardboard, boxes and inserts.
6.Quality Control:
Each step of production and finished products will be inspected by QC department before shipping.

Zeal-X | Magnetic Box Process

This is the process of magnetic box in the Zeal-X factory.We are a professional factory with 13 years of packaging production experience.

Zeal-X | Packing & Shipping Process

Every time the container arrives, we will double-check it. We will check whether the container is in good condition.

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